Environmental Education

Several different outdoor education programs are offered. Teachers are encouraged to work with the park staff to develop a program that meets their specific curriculum content requirements. Some of our program offerings include:

Basic Nature Hike and Introduction to Nature

Includes a basic introduction to Potawatomi Wildlife Park and to nature in general. Covers both the historical history of the property as well as a basic exploration of the plants and animals that live within the property.

Basic Field Studies of Freshwater Ecosystems

This program offers a basic introduction to aquatic science including a general comparison of water bodies, aquatic organisms, and usually a demonstration of limnology equipment used by aquatic scientist. The program generally includes a hands on portion examining collected samples for macro organisms. Depending on the age of the group, a discussion of careers in science is also usually appropriate. This program offering is very popular with all age groups.

Advanced Field Studies of Freshwater Ecosystems

This program goes beyond a basic introduction of aquatic science. Subject mater will include advanced terminology and topics including but not limited to: aquatic life habitat groups, physical factors such as thermal stratification, and Eutrophication. Water body structure (Profundal, Littoral, etc.) will also be discussed. The program usually includes a hands on portion where organism and water collection techniques are demonstrated. A general discussion of careers in science is also usually included. This program is very popular with high school level science classes.

Basic Introduction to Tree and Plant Identification

This program offering includes basic techniques for identifying trees and plants. Also includes discussion of specimen collection, preserving, and mounting techniques.

Collecting and Preserving Leaves and Plants

Many schools require a leaf collection as part of their class work. This program offers a guided walk to specific trees for collection purposes. Discussion of leaf structure and basic species identification is included.

*note: actual content of programs will vary depending on age and size of group, content curriculum requirements, seasonal changes on the property, as well as other issues.

Students examine aquatic organisms in "Basic Field Studies of Freshwater Ecosystems".


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